Swifties ‘manifest’ with candles and chants, for opportunity to buy Vancouver tickets

Swifties 'manifest' with candles and chants, for opportunity to buy Vancouver tickets
Sisters Chloe Harding, left, and Cadence are shown

Taylor Swift fans will try just about anything to boost their odds of getting tickets to her Vancouver concerts, including “manifesting” visions of pre-sale codes in their email inbox.

Ticketmaster was scheduled to release the codes on Wednesday, granting the opportunity to purchase tickets on Thursday for three shows in December 2024, as part of Swift’s Eras concert tour.

Ticketmaster said on its website that due to demand, there is no way to provide an opportunity to everyone who wants tickets.

Instead, select fans who register will receive a pre-sale code giving them a chance to buy, although Ticketmaster said it doesn’t guarantee a seat for the shows at BC Place, which lists its maximum capacity as 54,500.


Shae Harding, of Langley, B.C., said she found her two teenage daughters, Chloe and Cadence, huddled around candles, lucky crystals and Taylor Swift friendship bracelets on Tuesday night, trying to “manifest” a pre-sale code.

“They had a sign that says ‘We will get Taylor Swift tickets.’ They were chanting: ‘We will get a Taylor Swift pre-sale code. We will get Taylor Swift tickets’ over and over and over,” said Harding. “It was so cute.”

She said when she walked into the room and took a photo, her daughters said: “Mom, you have to believe in it. If you believe in it, it will come true and we will get the tickets,” said Harding.

The Harding teens aren’t the only ones directing positive thoughts towards an email inbox — they are part of a “manifesting” movement among Taylor Swift fans, all hoping for concert tickets.

Abbey Mariah, who is also hoping for Vancouver tickets, posted a video on TikTok, asking fellow fans to repeat: “I am worthy of experiencing the magic of Taylor Swift’s concert. The universe conspires to bring me to the front row.”

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Harding said she unsuccessfully registered for Swift’s shows in Seattle and Toronto, an experience that left her feeling “so bummed.”

It’s estimated that about 30 million people registered for a chance to buy tickets for Swift’s six shows in Toronto.

“That’s crazy to me,” said Harding. “So, it’s like winning a lottery because how are your odds?”

This time, Harding had all her daughters’ loved ones — grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and others — register on their behalf.

“I’m hoping their manifesting works this time,” said Harding.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 8, 2023.

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