Surveillance video from Ucluelet shows last movements of two missing men


WATCH: Have you seen these men? RCMP are asking for information from anyone who has seen Dan Archbald and Ryan Daley in the last two weeks. April Lawrence reports.

Correy Matheson is showing surveillance video to people around Ucluelet desperate to know if they have seen her friends.

Taken on the morning of May 16, the video shows 37-year-old Dan Archbald walking toward the parking lot at the small crafts boat dock in Ucluelet with a large duffel bag, followed by his friend 43-year-old Ryan Daley. It’s believed to be the last time the pair were seen.

“They’re picking up these massive duffel bags and walking with intention into the parking lot it looked like they were walking toward a vehicle that was waiting for them,” said Matheson.

A few days earlier they had arrived in Ucluelet on Archbald’s yacht, Astral Blue, after an eight week sailing trip from Panama.

“Dan’s boat had been docked down there and needed to be moved, so Ryan offered to go down and help him sail it back,” said Ryan Daley’s sister Lauren Glynn from Toronto.

Matheson has combed the yacht for clues but found nothing. Now she’s being joined by other family and friends, who have spread out across Vancouver Island, putting up missing posters and talking to locals hoping someone has seen something. They have started a GoFundMe campaign and a Facebook page to help.

She says the pair last made contact with family on May 15 with plans to head to Daley’s property in Jordan River.

“They were en route to Jordan River to Ryan Daley’s residence there, which has no cell service, they were going there to surf together,” Matheson said.

But as the days stretched on without a word from the men their families started to grow increasingly concerned.

“Dan has a wife and two kids, they’d imagine they’d want to be home with them after a long trip like that,” said Glynn.

Ryan Daley was in the news a few years ago for putting his life up for sale on Craigslist for a million dollars, including his Squamish home, but he had no takers. His sister says he’s a quirky guy and a bit of an exhibitionist but he doesn’t get himself into difficult situations.

“He doesn’t make stupid decisions, he’s a smart guy and we just really miss him,” she said.

Anyone who has seen Archbald or Daley since May 16 should call Ucluelet RCMP or Crimestoppers.

April LawrenceApril Lawrence

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