Stolen truck suspect hits police car while trying to flee from West Shore RCMP


WATCH: A strange incident involving a stolen flatbed truck led to some dramatic moments this morning on the West Shore. The suspect tried to flee police three different times – smashing into an RCMP cruiser and another truck in the process – and speeding down the road as debris flew off the back of the vehicle. Tess van Straaten has the details.

West Shore RCMP say a stolen truck suspect was arrested Friday morning after hitting an occupied police car and trying to flee from officers on three separate occasions.

It all started around 7 a.m. Friday when a large Landmark Signs vehicle, which was reported stolen Thursday, was spotted in a secure area near Humpback Road in Metchosin.

“People saw it and reported the suspicious vehicle and police intended to recover the stolen vehicle and when they arrived they were met with the vehicle moving again by the culprit,” Cpl. Heinz Krauss of West Shore RCMP said.

As police drove towards the truck, they say the suspect tried to flee. But in his attempt to evade arrest, he hit an RCMP cruiser and then another truck. The drivers were shaken but not hurt.

The fleeing flatbed was then spotted speeding down Sooke Road with debris flying off the back. and police followed the trail of debris to Happy Valley Road.

“He fled to this point here where he abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot,” Krauss said.

Police believe the suspect then made his way to the Luxton Fair Grounds on foot. Officers flooded the area and arrested a man matching the suspect description a short time later as he made one last attempt to get away.

“Witnesses gave excellent descriptions and police were able to find him a short time later trying to flee the scene,” Krauss said.

A 25-year-old man from the Victoria-area who is known to police is now facing charges.

RCMP say the items on the back of the truck weren’t there when it was stolen and the investigation is on-going.

Police say the strange incident illustrates the dangers of police work.

“Our investigators were able to stop the man before the public could be hurt and we’re please it came to a peaceful conclusion,” Const. Matt Baker, media relations officer with the West Shore RCMP, wrote in a statement. “Situations like this highlight the dangers of police work. We cannot underestimate the actions of a highly-motivated person who will do anything to get away.”

A stolen truck is recovered near Happy Valley Road/Vision Way in Langford on June 15, 2018.

A stolen truck is recovered near Happy Valley Road/Vision Way in Langford on June 15, 2018.

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