Stolen lawnmower used to carve male genitalia into Elementary School Field in Saanich, witness says

WatchFor the Gordon head baseball association their ride on lawn mower is a necessary piece of equipment they use to maintain the fields.. but it was stolen Tuesday night and went on quite the questionable adventure. Luisa Alvarez explains

Typically a riding lawnmower is used to trim the grass but sometime Tuesday, someone broke into the Gordon Head baseball shed at Lambrick Park and stole a John Deere lawnmower.

“It could have been a 2 o clock in the morning thing, it could have been a 10 pm thing,” said Sgt. Julie Fast with Saanich Police Department.

And going at the top speed of around seven kilometres an hour, the suspect drove it all the way to Torquay Elementary, about one kilometre away. It was then used for mischief.

“Whoever stole it cut a bunch of patterns into the grass and apparently hit a couple of goalposts so there is some damage to the lawnmower,” said Fast.

But what those patterns were is up for debate.

“The officer that attended reported that there were donuts mowed into the lawn, end of story,” said Fast.

But Fred Fernando, who came in early Wednesday morning to work at the field, was one of the men who found the lawnmower left by a pile of dirt. He reported it to the police after seeing what was carved into the grass. He says it wasn’t just donuts.

“We found a little track mark on the field and it was shaped like a penis,” said Fernando.

“We got a good laugh at out of it so it’s all good.”

There is a daycare on the property so the track mark was promptly taken care of it

“We called in the grass crew to come and cut it up so they did a big square. It’s out we don’t want the children to see that,” said Fernando.

The slightly damaged lawnmower was then driven with a police escort and returned back to its rightful home.

But the lock wasn’t broken, meaning whoever stole the lawnmower had to have known the code. Unfortunately, with so many teams and coaches throughout the seasons, it’s almost impossible to find out how many people had it and who they might have shared it with.

The lawnmower that was stolen is a pricey piece of equipment.

“The equivalent to replace this right now is about $3,200 dollars,” said Rob Galey, owner of Galey Farms, who has the same model.

Police say the person who did this committed a crime and could be facing charges of both mischief and theft.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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