Stew Young eyes potential return to politics

Stew Young eyes potential return to politics

Since his ouster from office, Stew Young doesn’t like what he’s seen from Langford’s mayor and council.

“It’s a failing grade for what they’ve done and how they’ve been ruining this community,” says Young.

It’s been a year plus a day since Young’s 30-year run as Langford’s mayor came to an end. Since then, he points to Langford’s 12 per cent tax hike as an example of how the municipality’s government is failing.

“We did a lot over 30 years, and to see it crumble now from what it used to be, they’re just ruining Langford,” he says.

Langford Mayor Scott Goodmanson isn’t bothered by Young’s comments.

“It’s hard to me to comment on something he’s said I haven’t heard myself,” says Goodmanson. “I think the term ‘ruining Langford’ is his opinion. I’ve had numerous people tell me how happy they are of the changes that are coming.”

For those changes, Goodmanson points to the city’s first-ever strategic plan, which includes a bunch of firsts.

“The city’s first transportation plan, first active transportation plan, first urban forest management plan,” lists Goodmanson.

Young says the prospect of future tax hikes has him ready to get back into the political game.

“If I get pissed off enough with what they’re doing, then I’ll throw my hat back in the ring, but hopefully they’ll smarten up and clean up the mess they’ve made,” says Young.

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