‘Started wagging his tail’: Victoria fire crews rescue ‘Lucky’ dog from roof

'Started wagging his tail': Victoria fire crews rescue 'Lucky' dog from roof
Photo: VicFire/Instagram

It was a day that lived up to the name for a dog named ‘Lucky.’

Firefighters are better known for helping cats out of trees, not dogs off roofs, but that’s what happened Sunday in Victoria’s Oaklands neighbourhood.

Victoria fire crews responded to a call for an animal in distress after a person walking by a home saw a dog on the roof, says firefighter Jeffrey Cullen.

No one was home at the time, according to Cullen, who says firefighters arrived to find Lucky stressed about his predicament. Still, he trusted those trying to help as crews deployed Ladder 1 with a basket.

“The thing that we got a little bit of a kick out of was once the ladder did get deployed and raised up to the edge of the roof, Lucky started wagging his tail, and he came right over and somehow knew to jump straight into the basket.

“He was very happy to come back down to the ground.”

Cullen says Lucky likely got outside through a second-floor window and didn’t seem interested in going back in the house. Animal control grabbed the dog after he was on the ground.

“It was quick and easy,” said Cullen. “Kind of a feel-good story and enjoyable for us as well. In just a matter of minutes, we were able to pluck him off the roof…”

He says animal rescue calls aren’t uncommon.

“We’re willing to help with whatever. If we have apparatuses available, we’ll go and help with any animal rescue, which we’ve done in the past. We’ve got cats, cougars, dogs, you name it. Seagulls,” he added. “So it does happen.”

Cullen says Lucky was a “really kind dog,” joking, “Unfortunately, we didn’t have any treats, but I think he was pretty happy to see us in general.”

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