On stage at the Roxy, a 1946 play that sounds a lot like Washington DC 2017


Garson Kanin’s Born Yesterday resonates as a cautionary tale of an arrogant, bullying businessman in search of power.

Written immediately following WWII, it’s the tale of Harry Brock, multi-millionaire junk dealer  & his beautiful yet rather dim-witted girlfriend trying to navigate situations well over their heads.

Actor Jacob Richmond, who’s  usually directing these days, plays the unethical, mindless and sexist thug Harry while Kassianni Austin takes on the role of the ditsy former showgirl who surprises everyone in the end.

It’s fair to say any similarity in this play with the current administration in the US is totally coincidental but fascinating to be sure. One of the final lines in the play is You’re Fired.

Born Yesterday is on stage now at the Blue Bridge Theatres Roxy on Quadra.

Gordie TupperGordie Tupper

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