Spooktacular tips and tricks for last-minute, scary good Halloween costumes

WatchIf you haven't found a killer Halloween costume yet, have no fear! Tess van Straaten has some spooktacular last minute tips and tricks.

It’s the spookiest night of the year.

But have no fear — you’re not doomed if you haven’t found a scary good Halloween costume yet.

“The goal was to be Carrie, covered in blood, and then I found a bunch of random stuff along the way,” says last-minute shopper Molly Barkasy, showing us what she found at Value Village.

Whether you’re wigging out or making the costume theme a familiar affair, last-minute shoppers can still find some creepy costumes and cult classics.

“I didn’t know what I was going to be at all and then I found one piece, this cowboy hat, and thought I could be a cowboy and I went from there and found a fringy shirt,” explains shopper Clara Donnachie.

Dressed as a dinosaur, Value Village Halloween specialist Naomi Byrch can’t wait to share more tricks.

“I love dressing up!” Byrch says.  “Every day I wear a new costume, do the makeup, and it’s lots of fun.”

Byrch has some spooktacular tips for what’s trending this trick-or-treat season.

“A lot of cat stuff and vampires,” Brych says. “I’ve seen a lot of last-minute vampire stuff come through and people will find a cool collar or cape and wear it with a dress.”

Rifling through the racks, Brych likes to mix and match previously loved costumes — including home-made ones — with new items.

“I love stuff like a little black or silver dress because you can dress it up with anything,” she advises. “You can turn it into a witch, turn it into a vampire.”

With so many crazy costume ideas, what’s Brych’s best advice for #Hallowinning?

“Pick something you enjoy, whether its out of a book you’ve read or a movie you enjoy,” Brych says. “It doesn’t matter if people around you don’t understand the costume as long as you enjoy it.”

Tess van StraatenTess van Straaten

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