South Park students release butterflies with ‘elder-buddies’

South Park students release butterflies with 'elder-buddies'

These kindergarten students from South Park Family School are visiting their “elder-buddies” at Beacon Hill Villa.

Their teacher, Kathy Inglis, says the visits are once a month, and always a highlight.

“We’ve been coming every month since January and we always share a story with our elders, and then do some kind of activity.”

And since the year is wrapping up, today’s activity is very special.

“There it goes! See it? Bye!” Inglis said as she opens a large netted box.

Because today, the children say goodbye to butterflies they have raised.

“Every year we get some Painted Lady larva” Inglis said. “And the children watch the process from the tiny little black larva as they grow and shed their skin.So we observed them as they grew, we learned about metamorphasis, and the changes that their bodies are going through, and then watched them all emerge. It was very exciting.”

“It is just terrific, for the kids as well as the adults!” one of the residents of Beacon Hill Villa said beaming with joy.

A kindergarten student smiles and agrees that “it’s kinda cool watching the butterflies come out.”

“It’s always nice to be with the kids” Kassandra Keszthelyi from Beacon Hill Villa said. “And it only happens about once a month, but when [it does], it’s so many smiles and everybody leaves happy.

“It’s a beautiful thing to happen at this time of the year” Keszthelyi said.

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