Photo courtesy Sooke RCMP.

Photo courtesy Sooke RCMP.

Minor abrasions and acute barnacle growth were what Sooke RCMP found on a rescue training mannequin, mistaken by a concerned boater as a human body that washed up in East Sooke Wednesday.

Sooke RCMP said it got a call around noon that a body in an orange survival suit had washed up on the rocks at Beechy Head, near the Alyard Farm area of East Sooke Park.

In a release, authorities said water conditions and the rugged shoreline did not allow the boater to get a close look at the body.

After the boater delivered Sooke officers to a nearby shore, they hiked into the location and found “the cold and unresponsive body of a Department of National Defence training mannequin.”

Police believe the dummy had gone adrift during a training exercise, and the DND was notified and will recover their property.

Sooke RCMP says from a distance, the mannequin looked very real and appreciated the boater for calling them when it was spotted.