Sooke girl that previously donated hair to cancer now has cancer and the community is rallying to help


WATCH: In a tragic turn of events Lily Lecinana, a little girl in Sooke who donated her hair to make wigs for kids with cancer, is now battling the disease herself. Luisa Alvarez reports. 

Ten-year-old Lily Lecinana has spent the last month an a half confined to a hospital room. She was diagnosed in early April with Stage 4 Burkitt’s leukemia and since then she’s been fighting for her life.

“She started chemo literally like the third day that we were here at BC Children’s hospital. She spent two separate times in the ICU for being really sick and she seemed to pull through but she got a staph infection and she was pretty sick during that first cycle so it’s pretty scary,” said Meredith Lecinana, Lily’s mother.

Before her battle began Lily was doing things to help other kids with cancer. Two years ago she wanted to cut her hair off and donate it.

Lily decided that she wanted to do something nice for somebody else by cutting her hair off for another little girl that had cancer and donate her hair,” said Lecinana. 

Now she’s done it again this time to make a wig for herself.

“The first week that we were here she decided that she wanted to cut her hair off again to make her own wig and a few of her friends have actually cut their hair off and donated their hair to her to make a wig which was really sweet,” said Lecinana. 

Since her treatment started her friends and the community have also stepped up. Everyone in different ways, from making t-shirts, writing her notes of support, to raising money for her family.

“I can’t begin to say how thankful we are to everyone cause having two parents here really does help our daughter really needs us both,

To date, the community has raised over 20 thousand dollars through a GoFundMe page so Lily will be able to have both parents by her side for her tough journey ahead.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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