‘Somebody is going to be killed’: Fernwood residents demand change after cyclist struck at intersection

‘Somebody is going to be killed’: Fernwood residents demand change after cyclist struck at intersection
The crash occurred on the morning of Oct. 20.

Paramedics in an ambulance were assessing a cyclist who struck while crossing Fernwood Road at Haultain Street during the Friday morning rush.

Retired nurse Mary McEvoy ran out to help when she heard the collision.

“The gentleman was, thankfully, not seriously injured as far as as I knew,” McEvoy said. “Somebody is going to be killed.”

The busy intersection is a sore spot for people in the area.

“We did ask the city to put traffic calming bumps, and they refused to put them on Fernwood, saying it could not be done because it’s a feeder route,” McEvoy said.

This used to be a four way stop for traffic along both Fernwood Road and Haultain Street.

In 2022,  the City of Victoria took away the stop sign on Fernwood Road, but kept the sign on Haultain Street.

Drew Leske says, as a cyclist, he feels the change has made the intersection dangerous.

“Personally, I don’t like it. And for safety, I don’t like it. That is kind of my take. I’m sorry if someone was hurt here today,” Leske said.

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The intersection of Fernwood Road and Haultain Street is shown.

Residents have flagged the dangerous stretch many times but they feel their calls are going unanswered.

Cyclist Melvin Carbonel said he’s cautious every time he approaches the intersection.

“This intersection here at Fernwood and Haultain, I find it very dangerous. There is no light or blinking light that warns the cars passing,” Carbonel said.

Haultain is part of Victoria’s cycling network.

At the Fernwood intersection, so-called “elephant feet” are painted on the pavement.

Drivers are required to yield to all users in these marked crossings, but that often doesn’t happen, according to resident Ben Cullins, who lives on the northwest corner of the intersection.

“We’ve got vehicles swearing at bikes passing through, and bikes yelling at vehicles that they have the right of way. No one seems to really understand,” Cullins said.

Mike Russo, who lives a few doors down on Fernwood Road, said the intersection is far worse now.

“I don’t know every intersection in Victoria, but I can tell you this is one of the worst I’ve seen, as a driver and bicyclist,” he said.

In a statement, the City of Victoria says it has heard the concerns. In 2024, it plans to add flashing lights to the intersection.

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