Singer Harry Styles reveals sex of Duncan woman’s unborn baby at L.A. concert: ‘It’s a girl!’

Singer Harry Styles reveals sex of Duncan woman's unborn baby at L.A. concert: 'It's a girl!'
Photo: Sydney Hykaway
Duncan's Sydney Hykaway was in for a concert like no other after pop singer Harry Styles revealed the gender of her unborn baby while on tour in Los Angeles.

A Duncan woman’s pregnancy glow turned to a glisten after pop singer Harry Styles revealed the gender of her unborn baby at a concert in Los Angeles.

“It’s a girl!” Styles, 28, exclaimed to a cheering crowd attending his worldwide tour, Love on Tour, at the Kia Forum on Friday, Nov. 11.

“She’s about to do the single-hardest thing in the world there is to do — the most beautiful thing there is to do in the world,” the Grammy-winning singer said moments before sharing the big news that would bring Sydney Hykaway to tears.

“I cried and everyone was so excited and happy,” Hykaway told CHEK News with a laugh. “I secretly wanted it to be a girl…because I have a little girl at home and I grew up with a sister, so I just wanted her to have one.”

The soon-to-be mom of two was still in L.A. Sunday, having travelled from B.C. with her aunts and a close friend to sightsee and, most importantly, attend the concert with hopes Styles would give a nod to her pregnancy. 

“I had seen on TikTok that he had done gender reveals a couple of times in the past. When I found out I was pregnant, I had already bought the tickets for the concert, so I thought I might as well give it a try to see if he’ll do our gender reveal,” she said. “We got the ultrasound card but hadn’t looked at it, and then I took it with me to L.A.”

Hykaway says they arrived the day before the concert and quickly got to work making a huge sign stamped with the words, “Is my baby a Harry or a Harriet?” to hold up and attract the singer’s attention.

“Sometimes [during gender reveals,] he’s like, ‘Oh, you should name the baby after me,'” Hykaway said.

However, the sign was too big and got turned away at the venue’s doors, meaning the group had to opt for a smaller one that said, “Is it a boy or a girl?” 

“We got in and we were pretty close to the stage because we were on the floor,” she recalled. “Harry has a section where he asks people to put their signs up and he’ll read them. But when he read two of them and started singing again, I was like, ‘Oh man, I don’t think it’s going to happen.'”

Flash forward and the lights went black — the concert was over, but Hykaway didn’t give up hope as Styles reappeared for an encore and sang two more songs before looking at her and giving a thumbs up. 

“He finished a song at the other end of the stage and said, ‘I just read something and have to go back and check it out.'” Hykaway said. “He came back over and looked at me and said, ‘Where’s the sign?’ I waved at him and that’s when he read it and asked me my name, and I passed the ultrasound card forward so that it could get to the stage.”

Before teasing the audience and questioning Hykaway, “Are you sure you want me to do this?” and asking his crew to play “some tense gender-reveal music,” Styles shared the unborn baby’s sex.

The memorable moment was posted to TikTok:


AND 4TH ALBUM??? #harrystyles #harrystylesvids #hslot

♬ original sound – coastal cherry

Hykaway managed to Facetime her husband Dave amid the reveal and just in the nick of time, meaning he could also experience the excitement for himself even though he was back in Duncan.

“I had it pointed at Harry, so he got to watch Harry and I watched my partner’s reaction, and he tried not to tear up and was really excited,” she recalled, calling it “the cherry on top.”

While the couple’s baby is due in April, the pair is still undecided on a name — though Harriet isn’t off the table.

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