She said yes! Victoria woman shocked after fly-over pumpkin patch proposal

She said yes! Victoria woman shocked after fly-over pumpkin patch proposal

WATCH: For a very unsuspecting Victoria woman, a plane ride in the sky over a Saanichton pumpkin patch Saturday quickly turned into a day she will never forget. Luisa Alvarez has the story. 

Walking through the pumpkin field at Gobind Farms, Justine Aichelberger and Jesse Seads were taking in the view.

It’s a much different perspective than Saturday.

“He picked me up, blindfolded me. I had no idea what was going on right up until we got into the plane and still no idea just thought we were going on a plane tour over Vancouver Island,” said Aichelberger.

Little did she know it was going to be a lot more than that. While flying over Saanichton, tiny pumpkins came into view and Aichelberger saw that they spelled a very important question.

“It kind of read ‘Justine will you marry me’ and it took me a minute for me to take it all in I was really shocked,”said Aichelberger.

It was a fitting proposal since the happy couple met seven years ago at a Halloween party. Aichelberger said yes.

Seads said he hopes its a day she never forgets.

“Any time she thinks of pumpkins in the future or sees pumpkins, pumpkin pies or whatever she will think of our engagement day,” said Seads.

The entire scheme was carefully orchestrated by Jesse with help from his parents Douglas and Julie Seads, his friend Andreas Bokelman and their 95-year-old neighbour Jim Squire. Everyone helped to roll all 640 pumpkins precisely into place the day before, with some touch ups the morning of.

“We had like tape measures and my dad also did like a diagram before just like a plan and we used it and we got really lucky I think it just turned out really well,” said Seads.

After the proposal in the sky, the couple landed in Courtenay to celebrate at a cabin on the beach with friends waiting to pop the champagne.

Aichelberger said her favourite part of the experience was seeing her fiance holding the ring.

Justine says it was seeing her fiance holding the ring.

“I’m so happy, he will do anything for me just having that love and support no matter what. He would move the world if he could for me it’s just an amazing feeling,” said Aichelberger.

No date has been set for the wedding. Right now they are enjoying the whirlwind as a newly engaged couple, knowing they have the rest of their lives to carve out their future.

“Wherever I need improvement, she improves me,” said Seads. 

Seads gave a special shoutout to Satnam Dheenshaw, owner of GoBind Farms, and the airplane pilots Kevin and Shawna Walker.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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