School districts around B.C. rolling out online learning


It was a busy place in Christopher Freeman’s Langford backyard Wednesday. With five school-aged children, it can be tough keeping track of them at all times.

“I do have twins that are in grade one. Another one is in grade five. No grade six. What grade are you in? Six. Grade eight. Grade eight,” Freeman laughs with his children, most of whom are bouncing on the family trampoline.

Each child has their own lessons, making home learning a challenge over the past two weeks.

“How would I sum it up? I’d sum it up as these teachers don’t get paid enough. Because now I know what they are going through,” Freeman said.

In Victoria, at Central Middle School, student Liam Baker was picking his supplies he’ll need for online learning.

But he and his mom, Chelsea Baker, agree it’s no substitute for in-class learning.

“Yep. I would much rather have physical learning than virtually fill out forms and stuff,” Liam said.

“I’m also training a new person at my work, so I know the challenges of training are extreme. Because learning face-to-face with somebody is totally different than learning online,” Chelsea said.

The change to virtual learning is also steep learning curve for the teachers and staff, who are trying to coordinate an entirely new way of learning at the school, according to the principal, Gillian Braun. ”

We’re flipping from one style of a classroom to another style of classroom. But at the end of the day, we’re not trying to duplicate what happens at schools at home,” Braun said.

And parents, teachers, and students will need to get used to the new virtual classroom.

B.C. Education Minister Rob Fleming says schools won’t be back soon. “I think we could be out of school for some time. And therefore, I think it’s really good to have kids engaged no matter whether they are primary school students, middle school students, high school students in learning,” Fleming said.

He also said students will transition to their next grade, where ever those classes will be taught.

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