Saanich’s Leila Bui is looking for your vote to win a new adaptive bicycle

Saanich's Leila Bui is looking for your vote to win a new adaptive bicycle

Since the day she first learned how Leila Bui has loved going for bike rides with her family.

“Out of my four kids, I would say she was the one who liked to bike the most,” said Leila’s mom, Kairry Nguyen.

But when biking wasn’t possible anymore, Leila’s family decided to do what they’ve always done, step in to help.

“She’s at the stage now where we want her to be involved in a lot of the family things that we do,” Nguyen told CHEK News.

On Dec. 20, 2017, Leila was on her way to school when the driver of an SUV struck her in a crosswalk along Ash Road. She suffered catastrophic injuries, including a severe brain injury that left her unable to complete daily tasks on her own.

That’s when Leila’s school physiotherapist suggested the family enter the Great Bike Giveaway. Started by a Michigan-based non-profit, the giveaway offers families around the world an opportunity to win an adaptive bike they often otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

“It’s really special when you see communities from all over rallying around a child,” said Bassie Shemtov, the co-director of Friendship Circle Michigan.

In Leila’s case, she needs a $5,300 Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem. With summer right around the corner, her sister hopes you’ll vote for Leila so they can ride together once again.

“I really like going on bike rides with my family and it’s really fun to just go around, but it’s not the same without my sister there,” said Myla Bui, adding, “Winning the bike would mean a lot, she could go on the bike rides with us and we would have more family time.”

But Myla says their mom will be doing all the pedalling.

“First of all, I’m going to have to build up my endurance and strength because she’s not a super heavy kid, but we’re going to have to pedal her,” added Nguyen.

To help Leila get a new adaptive bike, you can either donate or vote online here. The voting closes on March 29.

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