Saanich senior searching for missing cane before reunion across the country

WatchA desperate Saanich senior has turned to the public for help. he has lost his cane. But it's not just any cane, its something he has been holding to for decades waiting for a very special occasion. And as Julian Kolsut reports, he needs to find it in the next 48 hours.

A Saanich senior is searching and asking for any help, in finding a missing cane that has a very special meaning to him.

David Scott and his wife Marianne are heading out to Kingston Ontario for his 60th reunion on Thursday and need to bring it with them.

“I had it before I needed canes, my class of engineering 59 at queens brought these canes out at our 25th reunion,” said David.

“It was funny because we could pretend we were old farts, now we are old farts and I just came to use it.”

David was out running errands with his wife on October 1st, and stopped in at ICBC. That was his last memory of having it.

Surveillance footage shows it in his hands as he left. After that it went missing.

“This cane means something to me…. I mean I can get other canes, but it’s really nice to have that which has a certain history and certain memorabilia with it,” said David.

“We’ll see a whole bunch of other old friends who have their canes, and clearly I would really like to have mine…  I have a whole flock of people going out and trying to find it.”

They believe it was lost between the ICBC on McKenzie avenue in Saanich and near Foul Bay and Fort Street.

David’s daughter Sue is one of the helpers trying to get the cane back before the big trip.

“We are leaving in less than 48-hours, so we would love for that cane to be with us on the plane,” said Sue.

“His cane is really unique, it’s made out of a branch out of a tree, you can see all the bark, the branch of the tree is really clear. At the top of the cane it is engraved SCI 59. That’s his graduating year.”

She has even put up signs offering a reward.

“I did not have picture of my dads cane at the time, so I tried to draw a little picture, this is to say hey we wants this back no questions asked. as well as 100 dollars, or if they can get it back before we get on the plane i put on 40 extra dollars.

Anyone with details on the cane is asked to call her right away at 250-896-9644.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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