Saanich residents to face new fee for yard waste disposal

Saanich residents to face new fee for yard waste disposal

Saanich councilors unanimously passed a motion bringing a flat fee for dumping yard waste and an option to join an enhanced curbside pickup program.

A report by staff presented to the council on March 11 brought forwarded three recommendations of implementing a flat fee pay-for-service model for its Yard and Garden Waste Drop-Off and a new curbside 360-litre organics container, subsidized rates for garbage cart fees, and strategies for the operations centre yard redevelopment.

The new fees for trucks or trailers would be $15 and $10 for cars or SUVs, which are similar to fees imposed in North Saanich and the CRD Hartland Landfill.

“While this is a well-loved service and there will be some people I suspect who will be disappointed that we’re going to start charging, I don’t think we’re breaking the mold,” said Councillor Colin Plant.

The report dictates the new flat fee model would potentially bring $794,000 in annual revenue.

The service model would also support a reduction in traffic at the operations centre.

Staff also recommended a new 360-litre green cart, which has 50 per cent more volume than its current largest one at 240-litres.

Organic cart fees will also be subsidized to encourage residents to upsize their carts as the preferred disposal option.

Currently, garbage fees are cheaper than organic fees.

The 120-litre garbage cart is $31.50 a year while the 120-litre organics cart is $49.35 a year.

“I was not myself aware that garbage is actually cheaper than organics. I think that is something that needs to change when we look at our desire to reduce the waste that we’re generating as a community,” said Councillor Zac de Vries.

Service model and fee changes are strategies council will use to help with further development of the operations centre yard.

Based off the report, new implementation of the service models and flat fees are expected to go live by July 2024.

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