Saanich Police warn of ‘aggressive’ new Bitcoin scam

Saanich Police warn of 'aggressive' new Bitcoin scam
via CBC News
Saanich police are warning the public of a new scam involving Bitcoin Machines.

Saanich Police are warning the public of an “aggressive” new phone scam involving Bitcoin machines and scammers impersonating police.

According to police, scammers have been changing their call display to show “Saanich Police Department” or to display the main phone number of the police department, 250-475-4321.

During phone calls, the scammers claim that a breach has occurred with the recipient’s SIN number and ask to verify the last three digits of the SIN card. The scammers then threaten the person that they owe money because their card has been compromised.

Saanich Police say that the scammers are “extremely aggressive” and demand that people withdraw money from their bank accounts and deposit it into local Bitcoin machines. Alternatively, scammers have asked for iTunes cards and numbers.

Police say that people who express concern during the scam are threatened with arrest if they go to the police department.

Police say that to date no Saanich residents have reported losing money from the scam.

“The Saanich Police will never call you and ask you to withdraw money or direct you to Bitcoin machines,” stated Detective Sergeant Damian Kowalewich. “If you suspect that a scammer has called, document the caller ID number and hang up. Do not provide any personal information to the caller. We are also asking residents to share details of this recent scam with any vulnerable persons in their lives.”

Saanich Police are asking that anyone who has received a call from these scammers to report the call to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at


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