Saanich police and Pacific Cat Clinic to determine consequences for stolen kittens

WatchTwo kittens that were stolen from the Pacific Cat Clinic were returned in less than a day

The Pacific Cat Clinic in Saanich issued a Happy Alert on Friday morning after two kittens had been stolen from their facility the day before.

Workers at the clinic said two teenage girls, believed to be 14 to 17-years-old, came in Thursday around 5:45 p.m. and took the two kittens —who were only about nine-weeks-old.

They said the girls had played with kittens before at the clinic, on 3555 Ravine Way, and were trying to convince their parents to adopt.

“We came up from doing some treatments in the back and the girls were gone and so were the kittens and we were left with two empty kennels,” Lee Penner with the Pacific Cat Clinic said.

They immediately took to Facebook and called Saanich Police.

After two men saw the post, they realized they knew who the teens were. The two men then went to take the kittens home with them to keep the animals safe for the night. The pair returned Fisher and Alien safely the next morning.

“Our kittens have been returned to us safe and sound!!!! Thank you a million times to our amazing social media family, your attention and sharing is what made this happen!!!.” a Facebook post read Friday morning.

Saanich police say they were happy to hear the kittens were returned in good health.

“We have identified the two female youths who are responsible and will work with the business to determine the appropriate level of consequences,” stated Sgt. Damian Kowalewich with the Saanich Police Department in a statement.

Both kittens are rescues, and Alien flew in Saskatoon earlier this week.

The pair will be looked at by the vet today and will be ready for adoption this afternoon.

More information is available on their website:


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