Saanich needs help naming new bike-lane sweeper

Saanich needs help naming new bike-lane sweeper
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The yet-to-be-named bike-lane sweeper in action.

Saanich has acquired a new tool and now needs the public’s help in choosing a name.

The new bike-lane sweeper is hitting Saanich streets keeping the bike lanes clear of debris.

Submissions are accepted online with a deadline of May 15. After that, public works employees will choose the top five names and put them out to a vote during National Public Works Week from May 19-25.

The winning name for the new bike-lane sweeper for Saanich will then be announced on May 27.

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Last year, Edmonton held a similar contest asking people to name their snow plows.

The city opened its contest between Oct. 27 and Dec. 18, 2022, then announced the names in January 2023. More than 2,100 entries were received for the contest, according to the city.

The 15 winning names ranged from the names of celebrities and snow-related puns — like Connor McBlade-it, Darth Blader, Ctrl+Salt+Delete, and Plowasaurus Rex.

Of course, the Internet’s favourite joke made the cut, with a snow plow named Plowy McPlowface. The joke was launched after a similar contest was held by the Natural Environment Research Council in the UK, which resulted in a research vessel being named RRS Boaty McBoatface.

The plows are also equipped with trackers, so people can see where the city is making progress in clearing snow.

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