‘All my muscles just felt like hell’: Saanich man recounts moment he was hit by lightning

'All my muscles just felt like hell': Saanich man recounts moment he was hit by lightning

WATCH: Sean Ramsay is being considered a survivor, and a hero, after he was struck by lightning at a Victoria RV park. April Lawrence reports.

Just one day after he was struck by lightning, Sean Ramsay is grateful he’s still around to thank the firefighters who came to his rescue.

“I really appreciate the help guys, having you there was really calming, it was such an overwhelming and scary experience,” Ramsay told them.

Ramsay, who works for Eagle Propane, was filling an RV at the Fort Victoria RV Park around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, when the skies started to darken.

Evan Williams heard the thunder start to rumble and looked out his window just as a bolt of lightning hit a tree next to where Ramsay was working.

“It’s a simple sharp edged crack, it’s just crack,” Evan Williams, who lives in the park, said. 

Incredibly Ramsay didn’t hear a thing but he certainly felt it ? he was wearing rubber soled boots but was down on one knee and had a hand on the trailer as he was filling it.

“Everything was so tight and so contracted that all my muscles just felt like hell it almost felt like there was an elephant sitting on me or a truck rolling over my chest,” Ramsay said. 

Disoriented, he stumbled his way back to his truck and shut off the propane.

“He was very brave he made sure everything was safe before he collapsed, I’m very proud of him,” Williams, who rushed to check on Ramsay before calling 911, said. 

Across the street, the crew at the View Royal fire hall felt the jolt.

“The sky lit up with light, we actually thought our building had been struck by lightning,” Acting Fire Chief Rob Marshall said. 

Then they got the call and rushed over to find Ramsay on the ground.

“He was conscious, he was breathing but in an extreme amount of pain,” Marshall said. 

On Wednesday, people from around the RV park were coming to shake hands with the man who was struck by lightning and survived.

“They said if it hit me it would have been a lot worse as there were no significant entry or exit wounds on my body,” Ramsay said. 

Ramsay is expected to fully recover and has kept a sense of humour about the situation.

He says he doesn’t plan on buying a lottery ticket, but he is awaiting his super powers.

“I’m thinking by the end of the week I’ll be saving Victoria from crime.”

But if you ask anyone at the scene that terrifying Tuesday morning, no special powers are needed for Ramsay to be considered a hero.

April LawrenceApril Lawrence

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