Royal Roads warns of bear and cougar sighting on campus

Royal Roads warns of bear and cougar sighting on campus

Royal Roads University says a conservation officer has been called to its Colwood campus after a bear and a cougar have been spotted.

In the meantime, the gardens are closed and people visiting the university are asked to use the buddy system and to keep dogs on leash.

The B.C. government has advice on what to do if you encounter bears or cougars.

For bears:

  • Remain calm and do not try to climb a tree. Instead, back away slowly speaking in a quiet and monotone voice.
  • Stay away from the bear and if it gets within seven metres use pepper spray or something else to distract it.
  • Go indoors and watch the bear until it leaves.

For cougars:

  • Make yourself look as large as possible and keep the cougar in front of you at all times. Do not turn away or run from the cougar as sudden movement can provoke an attack.
  • If the cougar shows interest in you, respond aggressively, maintain eye contact, show your teeth and make loud noise.
  • If the cougar attacks, fight back and convince the cougar you are a threat using anything you can as a weapon.

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