Hiker rescued but injured after falling down rockface in Highlands


An experienced elderly hiker was injured but rescued after falling down a rockface at Lone Tree Hill Regional Park in Highlands.

The woman was with a hiking club of around 15 others when she slipped and fell, resulting in neck and arm injuries along with a punctured left shoulder that was profusely bleeding.

The injured hiker is a member of the Victoria Outdoor Club.

We’ve been hiking since 1942 so, we are always prepared,” said Victoria Outdoor Club President Liz Becknell. “We don’t like when it happens to the best of my knowledge this is the first major injury that we’ve had.

Fletcher says It just goes to show that even with years of experience anything can happen and when it does like it did Saturday, knowing what to do and what not to do pays off.

 “She could have been anywhere so they were able to send different bodies to different spots to get us to that point as quick as possible. Know your surroundings and if something does happen don’t try and get yourself out of that situation do what these people did and call 911 we will come out and help,” said Highlands fire Deputy Chief Gregg Fletcher.

The Highlands Volunteer Fire Department was able to rescue her from the west side of the mountain. She was then taken to hospital.

Rescue crews working in Lone Tree Hill Regional Park Saturday

Rescue crews working in Lone Tree Hill Regional Park Saturday

The Highlands Volunteer Fire Department responded just after 10 a.m. and cleared the scene around 12:30 p.m.

The B.C. Ambulance service was also attending the CRD park on Millstream Road.

“We’ve got moss and wet rocks… take extra time and be observant to the area you are in.” Said Fletcher.


Emergency crews on the scene of a rope rescue in Highlands

B.C. Ambulance and Highlands Volunteer Fire Department vehicles in the parking lot of  Lone Tree Hill Regional Park.






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