Road to Recovery: Democratizing Investment


On this week’s segment of Road to Recovery with Douglas Magazine, CHEK’s Hannah Lepine chats with Linda Biggs, the co-founder of Joni. 

Traditionally, the opportunity to make equity investments in companies has been restricted to a limited number of accredited investors who reach a minimum wealth threshold.

Unfortunately, this standard in angel and venture capital (VC) funding excludes many companies and investors from being able to participate, with data showing that the majority of investment goes to companies who are already known to the investors and who often look similar to the investors backing them. This creates significant barriers for entrepreneurs and aspiring investors alike.

The rise of equity crowdfunding, and the improvements being made as it evolves, has enabled companies to tap into a new funding marketplace that is helping to democratize investment for investors and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Bigg’s talks about how she tapped into crowdfunding for a recent equity growth project.

Road to Recovery is done in partnership with Douglas Magazine.

Hannah LepineHannah Lepine

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