Since her election in 2011, the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands is regarded as Green Party leader’s Elizabeth May’s to lose.   But that’s not stopping her political rivals from trying.

Liberal candidate Ryan Windsor is talking to as many voters as possible.

“I remind people that this government put forward the most ambitious climate plan that we have ever seen. Canada is a world leader in addressing climate change,” Windsor said while out campaigning.

The riding includes Sidney, Central Saanich, North Saanich, part of Saanich and the Gulf Islands. With such a diverse geography, there are also differeing views about what’s important this election.  Residents expressed a variety of opinions on what is the key issue in this election, pharmacare, seniors’ pensions, small business taxes and affordable housing.

As incumbent, and Green Party leader, May says she knows what’s important to residents.

“Stopping the pipeline, protecting the Salish Sea protecting our southern resident killer whales, protecting our wild salmon. These are issues that come up at virtually every town hall meeting,” May said while campaigning in Victoria.

Pundits say she’s close to a sure thing in this election.   David Black teaches political science at Colwood’s Royal Roads University.  He said there is little doubt about Monday’s outcome.

“I think Elizabeth May is one of the most reliable certain outcomes in this election across Canada,” Black said.

NDP candidate Sabina Singh, who’s raised her two children in the riding, says she’s fighting for a better world.

“The climate emergency is an issue we’re all facing across the globe. And we need to make sure we’re bringing down our emissions, and working toward a cleaner Canada,” Singh said.

Conservative candidate David Busch says he knows exactly what is important to residents.  Since he won the nomination in 2018, he estimates that he’s knocked on 9,000 doors.

“Number one is the cost of living. That’s by far and away the issue people are talking about. Second place one is the lack of family physicians,” Busch said while campaigning in Saanich.

In four days, the voters Saanich-Gulf Islands will make their decision at the ballot box.

For the full list of candidates announced for Vancouver Island, visit our page here. 

Mary Griffin