Residents call for safety improvements at crosswalk where North Saanich pedestrian was killed

Residents call for safety improvements at crosswalk where North Saanich pedestrian was killed

WATCH: A North Saanich woman says she warned the municipality about a dangerous crosswalk where a man was killed Sunday after she was nearly hit months earlier. April Lawrence reports.

Carolyn Moeller is even more cautious than usual when she tries to cross East Saanich Road at Barrett Drive with her son Cayden.

A man was killed while using the same crosswalk in North Saanich on Sunday.

“I’m scared.  I’m really scared and I was before and now I’m even more scared so I don’t know what to do about it,” said Moeller.

It was just before 1 p.m. Sunday when a 68-year-old man was hit in the crosswalk by a southbound silver station wagon. It was clear and sunny at the time.

“The sun may have played a factor although our analyst is still trying to make a determination on that. At this point speed and alcohol were not factors,” said Sidney/North Saanich RCMP’s Cpl. Chris Manseau.

Carolyn Moeller said bright sun and glare in the section of road is a problem, as well as speed and blind corners. She was nearly hit there last June.

“He literally had to move into the other oncoming lane to miss me like it was so close it was scary,” she said.

Moeller reported her concerns to the municipality in June after her near miss, warning them about the dangers and urging them to install a flashing pedestrian-controlled light to improve visibility.

“I’m really hoping North Saanich will take what happened under consideration it’s just sad somebody had to die,” she said.

North Saanich Mayor Geoff Orr said the municipality has received multiple concerns about that stretch of East Saanich Road and engineering work is currently underway. Council is just waiting to hear back on recommendations but he says flashing lights are a possibility.

“If that area particularly is compromised because of sight lines and it is on a curve, then we have to think about ways to improve the sight lines there, whether it’s trees along the side or awareness through lights,” said Orr.

For anyone trying to cross there in the meantime, RCMP said pedestrians should always make eye contact with drivers first.

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