RCMP still mum on Campbell River investigation

RCMP still mum on Campbell River investigation

WATCH: Forensics investigators have been at the Shetland Road property for two days. Dean Stoltz has more. 

The property at 1725 Shetland Rd in Campbell River remained behind police tape for the second day Friday as investigators sifted through evidence in and outside of the house on the property.

The property is hidden behind trees but a forensics team could be seen documenting and packaging certain items like a piece of cloth or possibly clothing.

The public still hasn’t been told what police are searching for.

“Today, I don’t know I was being nosy and they shut the blinds on me so, it looked they were like vacuuming or something I don’t know,” said Bobby Johnson, who was working nearby.

The heavy police presence and lack of information from police have people wondering aloud what could be going on.

“Well the rumour I heard is that there was a dead body, that’s all I heard but I haven’t heard anything else,” added Johnson.

Several others who ventured by the scene Friday were saying the same thing.

There are numerous vehicles on the property and investigators seemed to be looking at them very closely.

A tow truck driver was brought in on Thursday to open one for police and that night, a black SUV was towed away.

“They had people in white suits there all day and then all the way into the night, they stayed overnight here, had the scene secured so it was kind of a little bit apprehensive to see that they haven’t left yet,” said Samantha Wind who lives nearby.

RCMP are only saying it is “part of an ongoing investigation.”

Leonard Lapensee is a concerned neighbour who lives just down the street.

“No, I’m not familiar with the house but we do [a] drive-by the street pretty much every day,” he said. “Never see anything out of character in this area, no.”

A property title search shows the property is owned by Berry Paul Lanyon and his father David Earl Lanyon.

The elder Lanyon passed away in November 2016.

There’s no indication that either man is connected to the search and neighbours say the property has been rented out for a few months.

Dean StoltzDean Stoltz

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