RCMP investigating after someone dumps putrid substance in Victoria woman’s car

WatchA Victoria woman is hoping someone can help her solve a bizarre and smelly mystery. Her car was vandalized while she was at Victoria General Hospital and more than a week later, it still isn't driveable. But it's not because of physical damage.April Lawrence explains.

Even standing outside Katie McCready’s car there is a putrid smell, but if you open the door that smell becomes unbearable.

“It’s a gross, weird mystery,” McCready said.

The mystery started October 23 in stall 161 outside Victoria General Hospital.

McCready had spent a few nights at the hospital after surgery and her friend, driving McCready’s car, came to pick her up around 10 p.m. that night. The friend went inside and when the pair came out 10 to 15 minutes later they were shocked to find a rancid substance dumped inside and outside the car.

“It looks like compost, it smells like some kind of fecal matter, I don’t know, it’s disgusting,” she said.

One of her rear windows was taped up with plastic, the aftermath of a break-in a few weeks earlier, and the smelly substance had been dumped through it. But McCready can’t understand who would do that, or why. Most people ask her if she thinks it was a targeted act.

“Which makes you feel really horrible to think of, I don’t think so, I think I’m a pretty nice person generally, I don’t think anyone’s stalking me or anything weird,” she said.

So maybe, McCready ponders, it was a teen prank, a disgruntled hospital employee, or a delayed act of road rage.

She did phone hospital security and the police. West Shore RCMP confirm they did receive a report of mischief and have reviewed parking lot surveillance footage but haven’t been able to identify a suspect.

One week later, the plastic on the window is gone but the smell is still very much there.

And that means McCready, who is still recovering from surgery, can’t drive it.

“Who on earth could have done this and why?” McCready asked.

She is hoping someone may have witnessed the vandalism, or seen something unusual, around 10 p.m. October 23 at Victoria General Hospital. She is also wondering if someone else has had something similar happen recently.

If you have any information call West Shore RCMP.

April LawrenceApril Lawrence

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