Comox Valley RCMP are investigating a shooting incident in Courtenay Thursday morning.

Police say it was targeted and not random.

Investigators spent most of the day outside the Park Place apartments on Fitzgerald Avenue, collecting evidence and speaking with residents about what happened just after 6 am.

“All I hear was knocking on his door next door and then I hear a loud bang,” said Jurri Kral who lives next to where the shooting took place.

Police aren’t commenting on what may have happened but a trail of blood could be seen from outside unit #58, then along an outdoor 2nd-floor walkway before heading down a flight of stairs and then along another walkway.

The victim then went down with at least one gunshot wound to his upper inner thigh on his left leg.

Kylee Cordocedo lives across the road. While her brother called 911 she grabbed a towel and a belt and found the man on the ground, in pain but conscious.

“I didn’t really look at him, I literally just had my hands in the one place the whole time and I basically just put as much pressure on the wound as I could until police and EMT’s got there,” said Cordocedo.

Soon there was a parade of emergency vehicles on the scene and the man was rushed to the hospital. A police dog scours the area but the suspect or suspects are gone.

Police say more information will be released Friday.

Anyone with information is asked to call Comox Valley RCMP at 250-338-1321