Rash of suspected dog thefts has owners worried on mid-Island

Rash of suspected dog thefts has owners worried on mid-Island

WATCH: A rash of suspected dog thefts in the Errington/Nanoose region has pet owners on alert there. Five dogs have gone missing and as Skye Ryan reports, a new development is giving the owners of missing pets hope.

For days rescue foster Nina Zurita, desperately covered Nanoose in missing posters.

“I just want them to come home,” said Nina Zurita.

She splashed pictures of missing rescue dogs Lucy and Kai all over social media and offered a $2000 reward for their return. Since when the rescue dogs disappeared from her Nanoose yard Tuesday, she immediately suspected theft.

“It’s 100 per cent somebody came and opened the door,” said Zurita.

“Because I have rescued over 62 dogs and I’ve never left the gate open once.”

Then at 11 a.m. Saturday morning, there they were in her driveway.

“Just to have them back I didn’t know where they were,” she said.

“I didn’t know who had them.”

Their condition was perfect, not like they’d been out in the woods hungry for days — confirming Northern Hope Dog Rescue Society‘s suspicions they’d been taken.

“I definitely think so,” said Zurita.

“I think they got scared and they didn’t want to collect the reward, they were too scared to and they just dropped them off.”

Five dogs have gone missing in the area and all of their owners suspect theft.

Olivia Kenton’s two rescue dogs, Huskies Kody and Tigger disappeared Dec. 24 out of her Middlegate Road yard in Errington.

“I do think someone’s stolen them and has them,” said Kenton.

Then February 9th Gilligan a small terrier went missing from Smithers Road in Errington and his owner suspects theft as well.

Kenton says she searches for her dogs every day.

“I’m extremely heartbroken,” said Kenton.

“Everyday wondering where they are, if they’re safe if somebody has them.”

Yet with Zurita’s dogs now home safely, there’s a little more hope hers may one day too.

I’d say just don’t give up,” said Zurita.

“Keep putting out flyers, keep looking for them because that’s what we did and they just magically appeared.”

Kenton says she can’t give up, knowing her dogs are still out there, somewhere.

“They are my sons best friends,” said Zurita.

So far no one has attempted to claim the $2000 reward for Luci and Kai’s return.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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