Questions remain a month after 3 bodies found on rural property in Whiskey Creek

Questions remain a month after 3 bodies found on rural property in Whiskey Creek
WatchA month after multiple bodies were found at a rural property in Whiskey Creek, locals and police are still searching for answers about what happened and why? Skye Ryan has more.

A grim, burned-out scene still lies off a Whiskey Creek logging road, where three people were found dead and their RV’s were set on fire on Nov. 1.

Neighbours wonder when an arrest will be made.

“You see them one day and they’re gone the next,” said Lorena Hayden, an employee at Whiskey Creek’s Bigfoot Burgers, which is located a stone’s throw from the scene.

Sources told CHEK News that the two victims are Shawn McGrath and Shanda Wilson.

Hayden said the two were a couple and regulars at her roadside restaurant.

“I did see them on the Thursday, they came and got shakes and burgers,” said Hayden.

Three days later, they were dead.

According to sources, McGrath had a long criminal record and was facing drug trafficking charges at the time, was the target.

Two more bodies were found with him, and a fourth victim, a man, survived with a serious gunshot wound.

RCMP say the bodies were so badly burned that they are still trying to confirm ID’s.

Investigators are also revealing that the bodies of four dogs belonging to the victims were also found at the scene.

“Certainly that there were dogs included, it’s a sad point,” said Stg. Janell Shoihet.

“Obviously the three individuals, it’s a tragic thing to have happened, and for me especially as a dog lover that the dogs were recovered,” she said.

RCMP are still looking to speak to the driver of a light coloured sedan who was seen picking up two hitchhikers at an overpass on Highway 19A, early on the morning of Nov.1.

It is just a short walk from the murder scene and RCMP says those two people may be connected to the crime.

“We have yet to identify that driver and we have yet to speak to that driver and we are very interested in doing so,” said Shoihet.

As this community tries to move on from a disturbing crime, that is still unsolved a month later.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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