“Prolific offender” awaiting hearing after spray painting Saanich municipal hall

"Prolific offender" awaiting hearing after spray painting Saanich municipal hall


Saanich Police and the Saanich municipal hall are only meters apart

A 21 year-old Duncan man was arrested by Saanich Police following his public intoxication on July 14th. One hour after his release on the same day he was arrested again after he was discovered spray painting the side of the adjacent Saanich Municipal Hall while allegedly being in possession of a small amount of drugs.

The Saanich Police statement, released on July 15th, outlined the males “compulsive criminal behavior” that led to the decision to not release him again, but instead to wait for him to appear before a judge or justice.

Sergeant John Semkiw of the Saanich Police stated that the male was on prior conditions before coming into contact with Saanich Police and was released on the condition of good behavior and a future appearance in court, but following the second arrest Semkiw said that “he would not assure us he would stay on his best behavior… he would not keep the peace.”

The man is still in custody and is awaiting his appearance before a judge or justice.


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