Prank stickers pop up around Greater Victoria honouring ‘Jack Schitt’

Prank stickers pop up around Greater Victoria honouring 'Jack Schitt'
A prank plaque-like sticker memorializing 'Jack Schitt' has appeared all over B.C., including benches at Ogden Point.

In recent weeks, it appears friends of “Jack Schitt” have been busy honouring him by posting a series of prank stickers on benches and objects across British Columbia.

While appearing official, the plaque-like stickers feature a QR code that links to a Facebook page showing various locations they’ve been placed.

A crude saying also graces the sticker, along with the hat tip to Mr. Schitt, and on the Facebook page connected with the QR code, visitors will read that Jack “was a shining light of humour in this dark and overly serious world” and that his legacy is “to make people laugh.”

“He believed that if we all took ourselves less seriously we could all live a happier life,” reads a post on the Facebook page wall. “He wanted to meet as many people as he could in life, that way he could honestly tell them that they knew Jack Schitt.”

Pictures on the Facebook group show stickers that have been posted on porta-potties and benches, including at Ogden Point, the Butchart Gardens, James Bay, Roberts Landing in Saanich and the Fairfield neighbourhood.

Further investigation into the stickers shows no online phone directories with a record of anyone named Schitt in the province and the B.C. Coroners Service said they have no record of any investigation into the death of someone of that name either.

According to the City of Victoria’s Head of Engagement, Bill Eisenhauer, these stickers are not real plaques and they will be removed from city property as soon as they are found.

Eisenhauer tells CHEK News that pranks like these are not tolerated by the city and that there is a specific application and review process for park and bench furnishings — part of the Park Furnishing Dedication Program overseen by the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria (PRFV).

“We have already dispatched City crews to remove any [stickers] that still remain, and we have alerted our colleagues at the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority as a couple of those pics appear to be on their property,” states Eisenhauer.

Although the stickers may be removed in the coming days, for the time being, the legacy of Jack Schitt lives on.

With files from CBC British Columbia.

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