Port McNeill Mayor tells negotiators to ‘get back to the table’ in open letter

Port McNeill Mayor tells negotiators to 'get back to the table' in open letter
Facebook/Gaby Wickstrom
Mayor Gabriele Wickstrom penned an open letter to negotiators involved in the ongoing WFP strike on Friday.

Mayor Gabriele Wickstrom is imploring both sides involved in the ongoing forestry strike impacting North Island workers to work out a deal as soon as possible.

In an open letter posted to Facebook on Friday, Wickstrom says the strike is “killing our communities” and says it is “heartbreaking to see what it’s doing to people.”

The letter, which is addressed to Union President Brian Butler and Roger McDougall, Director of Labour Relations for Western Forest Products, implores the representatives to “get back to the table.”

“I am begging you, for the sake of every person that lives in a coastal community, to get back into a room together and work out a deal,” Wickstrom wrote.

On Nov. 13 Wickstrom joined with five other North Island Mayors in another open letter penned to Butler and McDougall.

Wickstrom closed her latest letter by asking negotiators to “Do the right thing. Support us by getting back to the table and reaching a deal so your workers can get back to supporting their families.”
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