‘The stars aligned’: Port Hardy photographer captures shooting star over northern lights

'The stars aligned': Port Hardy photographer captures shooting star over northern lights
Courtesy Brian Texmo
A shooting star is captured over the aurora borealis near Port Hardy, B.C. on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022.

A North Island photographer got the shot of a lifetime when he snapped the northern lights, a shooting star and a brilliant moonrise all in one photo.

Brian Texmo ventured out to Thomas Point, near the Port Hardy airport, in hopes of shooting the aurora borealis, with the geomagnetic phenomenon particularly active Wednesday night.

Texmo said he was setting up his shot, testing out multiple exposures to see what would be the best setting, when he saw a shooting star through the night sky.

The resulting image is one of the best he’s ever snapped since getting into photography in April 2021, Texmo said. ‘

“Probably the most unique one in the fact that literally the stars aligned for this one,” he said.

The photographer said it’s a good reminder of how rugged and raw the North Island coastline can be.

“It’s sort of the last frontier of the Island,” he said.

More aurora activity is expected Thursday and Friday night. The phenomenon occurs when charged electrons and protons collide with gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere.


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