Port Alberni retailer gets high praise for trying to save dog

Port Alberni retailer gets high praise for trying to save dog

WATCH: After a dog was hit by a vehicle no veterinarians were open to care for it on Monday in Port Alberni, so Bosley’s did.

Tasha Hobbs said the sound 17-year-old Bugsy was making on Monday was awful.

The terrier mix that had been hit by a vehicle in front of her Monday afternoon as she was driving on Redford Street near 4th Avenue in Port Alberni.

“There was a van ahead of me and it was kind of going slow and it kind of swerved,” said Hobbs.

She says after she saw the van swerve, she saw what she thought was a brown paper bag flying through the air.

It turned out to be Bugsy.

“I don’t even really remember getting out of my car,” said Hobbs. “I just slammed on the brakes, put the car in reverse and got out grabbed him, he tried to bite me a couple of times I think just because he was so scared.”

She was sure he’d suffered at least a broken leg and took him to two vets but they were closed because of the holiday on Monday.

There is no after hours emergency vet care in town, so she ended up at Bosley’s.

“He wasn’t doing so well, he was crying and moaning and he was limping,” said Shelley Summers, who was working at the time with Elissa Brennan. “He was definitely hurt, we didn’t know how badly.”

The dog had no tags so they couldn’t find the owner. Their only option was to drive Bugsy to an emergency vet in Nanaimo but the store was still open and the two of them were the only ones working.

“We were the only ones in the store, I was supposed to be off at 6:30 and Shelley was supposed to be off at 8:30,” said Brennan. “We had contacted our boss and Holly is amazing, she told us to close down the store and take him to Nanaimo.”

So they did, closing up shop and putting the dog’s health ahead of profits.

“I mean I’m going to cry just talking about it, that’s amazing who does that? Closes their store two hours early just to take a dog,” said Hobbs.

Tasha and the store have received high praise on social media and if it wasn’t for Tasha, Bugsy could have been hit on the road again.

It turns out he did not have a broken leg, just painful bruising. He has been reunited with his thankful owner.

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