Police crackdown on stunting in Nanaimo North Town Centre parking lot

Police crackdown on stunting in Nanaimo North Town Centre parking lot

Nanaimo RCMP says they’ve started cracking down on stunting and street racing around a north-end shopping mall.

Since Sears shut its doors at Nanaimo North Town Centre four years ago, the often empty parking lot has proven to be the go-to place for those wanting to lay some rubber — usually at night.

“It is very annoying because it wakes us up. Sometimes it starts about 10 and you can hear some of them until one or two o’clock am,” said William Mitchell, a resident in the area.

It’s an ideal spot for leaving some rubber if you’re not considering the hundreds of people who live in apartments bordering the parking lots.

“I don’t have anything against what they’re doing but do it elsewhere away from residential areas would be my concern,” said Tony Dyson, another neighbour.

Mitchell lives in one of the neighbouring buildings and is one of the people who have called the police.

“I would say three or four times and complained and said you mind please doing something about it but I still hear them so I don’t think it actually happens but I’m glad to hear the RCMP are going to be doing something about it,” said Mitchell.

Police say there are have been dozens of complaints of up to 30 vehicles together which sometimes leads to racing on nearby streets.

“Predominantly it’s young males up to about 25 who don’t really have a lot of skills at high speeds. Secondly, they’re breaking the law. They’re putting other motorists at risk and any pedestrians so it’s unacceptable so words got to get out that we’re putting an end to it now,” said Cst. Gary O’Brien with Nanaimo RCMP.

This was also happening on Jackson Road on Duke Point until police cracked down in September 2020.

Police say at North Town Centre they’ve also started enforcement. On February 19, police issued several violation tickets to two drivers for Drive Without Consideration and Excessive Noise

“If a young driver gets a Drive Without Consideration it’s an extra six points. It’s going to get an automatic prohibition from driving and if they’re caught street racing, their vehicles are going to be impounded for seven days,” said O’Brien.

Police say there then could be further repercussions from BC’s Motor Vehicle Branch.

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