Two poisoned bald eagles released in the Cowichan Valley after recovery

Two poisoned bald eagles released in the Cowichan Valley after recovery

WATCH: Earlier this month, we told you about thirteen eagles found poisoned in the Cowichan Valley. Six of them had died but there is some good news regarding the remaining six. One was released last week, and today, a second bird took flight, Luisa Alvarez was there.

A bald eagle was given a second chance at life Thursday following a mysterious poisoning earlier in January.

The bird was given a clean bill of health after spending the last ten days in treatment and has been released to soar and perch high up in the trees.

Two weeks ago, twelve birds were discovered around Herd Road in North Cowichan. Six of them have died, while the others are being cared for at the VCA Island Animal Hospital and by the Raptor Rescue Society in Duncan.

The BC Conservation Officer Service is investigating the occurrence. The society said it was likely the eagles ate a contaminated food source.

“Current leading guess is aspirated pneumonia, which basically means during the poisoning they regurgitated something and particles went back into their lungs and caused an infection,” Isaac King, a volunteer with the rescue society, said about the eagle that died in treatment.

It’s suspected the birds fell ill after feeding on the carcass of a farm animal believed to have been disposed of improperly but the investigation is continuing.

Another eagle was released last week and three are still recovering. One may require longer longer care but the other two are expected to be released in the coming weeks.


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