Several pods of Bigg’s orcas spotted off Clover Point in Victoria

Several pods of Bigg's orcas spotted off Clover Point in Victoria
Courtesy Brian Collier
A pod of transient orcas were seen swimming past Clover Point in Victoria Wed., Aug. 11, 2021.

People at Victoria’s Clover Point were treated to a rarely seen spectacle Wednesday night — several killer whales swimming a short distance from shore.

A total of 13 orcas dazzled onlookers both in the water and on the land at around 8 p.m. or sunset.


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A whale researcher told CHEK News the orcas spotted close to shore were transient, or Bigg’s killer whales.

“The whales present included the T018s, T041s, T109Cs, and additional Bigg’s,” said Jackie Hildering with the Marine Education and Research Society.

“Apparently the T018s were going west past Race Rocks, then they encountered the big group and they all turned around and proceeded east past Clover Point.”

Many excited onlookers posted photos and videos to social media showing the pod.

While transient orcas aren’t seen every day in Victoria’s harbour, it’s not unusual to see the orcas hunting for seals, sea lions and porpoises closer to shore.

Courtesy Brian Collier

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