Pet CHEK: Meet Tess’ rescues Winston, Churchill and Bella

Pet CHEK: Meet Tess' rescues Winston, Churchill and Bella
WatchWATCH: In a special home edition of Pet CHEK, we meet Winston, Churchill and Bella and learn about making a pet preparedness plan.
In a special home quarantine edition of Pet CHEK, we meet orange tabbies Winston and Churchill and little Bella, a pugwawa.
All three former rescues are Tess van Straaten’s well-loved family pets and have different stories of how they were saved.
Tess also tells us about how the Victoria Humane Society is being inundated with calls of people worried about losing their jobs or home and asking about surrendering their pets.
Anyone who is able to foster animals is asked to contact the Victoria Humane Society via their website.
They also have several animals up for adoption, including lots of puppies.
You can see photos are in our video clip.
The Victoria Humane Society also says it’s now more important than ever to have a pet preparedness plan in case you become ill.
Here’s what animal advocates recommend:
  Pet Preparedness Plan
  • Make sure your pets have proper ID
  • Confirm microchip info is accurate
  • Ensure vaccinations are up to date
  • Keep a crate, food and extra supplies on hand
  • Identify someone to care for your pets if you become ill or hospitalized
  • Document all medication and dosage instructions


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