Pedestrian scramble crosswalk, part of Wharf Street protected bike lane opening Thursday

Pedestrian scramble crosswalk, part of Wharf Street protected bike lane opening Thursday
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A section of the two-way, Wharf Street bike lane will open on Aug. 1, 2019.

The new scramble crosswalk at the Humboldt and Government intersection and part of the Wharf Street protected bike lane will be opening Thursday.

The section of the bike lane that will open runs from Johnson Street Bridge to Fort Street.

The pedestrian scramble crosswalk at Wharf, Government and Humboldt streets will also be available for the public tomorrow. The crosswalk led to some complaints as it was being created as a large birch tree was removed at the intersection

In a scramble crosswalk, traffic is stopped in all directions while pedestrians cross in any direction, including diagonally across the intersection. The intersection has the Victoria Visitor Centre on one corner.

The section of the bike lane from Fort Street to Government Street is scheduled to open on Aug. 8, followed by the Government Street to Douglas Street section on Aug. 15.

Once complete, all of the new features along the Wharf/Humboldt corridor will include:

  • a two-way protected bike lane from Pandora Avenue to Douglas Street and a shared, traffic-calmed road from Douglas to Vancouver Streets
  • eight improved pedestrian crossings and a new pedestrian scramble crosswalk
  • two urban plazas with street trees, benches and urban play features
  • a new pedestrian-controlled traffic signal at Yates Street
  • a new traffic signal at the Johnson Street Bridge
  • new transit stops near the entrance to Reeson Park and on Government Street

The city said safety ambassadors will be available along Wharf Street and the new scramble crosswalk throughout August to help anyone who has questions.

“These investments are a part of the 32-kilometre cycling network that will connect every neighbourhood in Victoria by the end of 2022. Each project focuses on improving road safety and balancing the needs of all road users. The new bike lanes and pedestrian areas also contribute to increased vibrancy of the waterfront and connect existing facilities on Pandora Avenue and Fort Street,” the City fo Victoria said in a statement.


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