Parksville firefighters are sifting through the remains of a fire that destroyed a cabin at the River Green Resort on Thursday night.

“So right now we’re going to be going through all of the debris to see if we can determine an origin of where the fire did start from and potentially what the cause of the fire is,” said Parksville Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Steven Leidl

Fire crews were called to the blaze at around 9:40 p.m. after reports of an explosion inside the cabin.

According to the Parksville Fire Department, two people who were inside the cabin at the time of the fire were rushed to the hospital. Witnesses reported seeing a man on fire. The witnesses also described the scene as surreal and terrifying.

“Yeah it was crazy,” said neighbour Steve Shea.

“I was like whoa what just happened. And then a fellow came running out on fire, rolling in the grass.”

“It was all seconds, there were no minutes,” said neighbour Cory Shaw.

“In another 30 seconds, those people that were in that building never would have gotten out of there.”

The cabin was destroyed in the fire and the roof was blown off the building. Gas is not used inside the cabins at the resort.

Firefighters put out a cabin fire at the River Green Resort in Parksville on June 6, 2019. Credit: Michelle Nielson.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause but say the fire does appear to be suspicious.

Firefighters at the scene of the cabin fire at the River Green Resort, the day after the blaze. 

There is no update on the condition of the two people who were inside the cabin.

A fire engulfs a cabin at the River Green Resort on June 7, 2019. Credit: Rob Gregson.

Alexa Huffman and Skye Ryan