Parks Canada reminds Long Beach visitors to keep dogs on a leash

Parks Canada reminds Long Beach visitors to keep dogs on a leash

Photo courtesy Youtube/JCVdude.

Photo courtesy Youtube/JCVdude.

A reminder from Parks Canada to visitors of the Long Beach Unit of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to keep dogs on a leash or face a fine.

Parks Canada says it is increasing enforcement of the dog on-leash regulation to protect visitors and wildlife.

A ticket for a dog that is off-leash starts at $58 for the first offence and repeat offences can lead to higher fines and a court appearance.

Parks Canada says wolves can see dogs as prey, particularly when they are not on a leash, and pose a threat to public safety by losing their wariness of humans.

In addition, Parks Canada says visitors should keep food safely stored, since habituated wolves may need to be euthanized as a last resort.

Another concern is for migratory shorebirds that use Long Beach as a place to rest and find food between breeding grounds during long trips to the Arctic or Central America.

Parks Canada says the time and energy spent by these birds scared off by a dog can affect their survival during their journeys.

Officials say off-leash dogs can also pose an uncomfortable situation for seniors or families with children or other dogs that are on-leash.

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