Pandemic boosting Parkville company’s prefabricated office sales

Pandemic boosting Parkville company's prefabricated office sales
WatchInquiries and demand have spiked for prefabricated backyard offices.

A Parksville company that makes prefabricated offices, detached from your home, is benefiting from the COVID-19 crisis.

With many people now working from home, the company has seen a spike in interest and increased demand.

For the past two and a half years, Aux Box near Parksville has been making prefabricated spaces for your backyard.

“We thought that modular and pre-fab construction would be the future. We still do,” says Landon Sheck, an Aux Box co-owner.

But what they couldn’t have predicted was the arrival of a pandemic.

The company was able to fill a need when COVID-19 arrived.

“For this business, it was really the best thing that really could’ve happened because it really helped educate people on the need for a product like ours,” said Sheck.

“Now they’re stuck at home with their kids and they’re still trying to work from home and be productive and our product is designed to solve that exact problem.”

Will Bratt in Saanich is a customer.

He and his wife, both registered counsellors, realized before the pandemic arrived, separate offices, like these, outside their home were needed

“This provided some separation from the house and just gave us space to really do our work in a nice quiet and private way and gave our little one more space to be loud and act like a toddler,” said Bratt of Heart & Oak Therapy.

Sheck says they’ve received a spike in enquiries since the pandemic arrived resulting in increased demand.

“They’re working from home and they recognize they’re going to keep working from home most likely thanks to COVID and this is how they’re going to solve it.”

In two weeks the company is moving to a larger space in Errington to better keep up their increasing demand.

Aux Box makes offices in three sizes.

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