Online auction of old tea light raises $100’s for JDRF

Online auction of old tea light raises $100's for JDRF

Comox Valley man puts old tea light up for auction, surprised by response.


It’s your average tea lite candle worth pennies. It’s even dented, hardly worth putting up for auction right?

Dave Poje of Courtenay was doing some spring cleaning, putting larger items on the Comox Valley 24 Hour bidding Facebook page and thought for fun why not put the candle up for auction and he’d donate all the proceeds to his favourite charity the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because his 16 daughter Diamond has had diabetes most of her life.

“I’ve been born and raised here with a lot of good people around us and word got around and next thing you know it just went nuts” Poje told CHEK News. 

The bids were small at first, then over $1.00 then over $10.00 and soon bids were well over $100.00, but that wasn’t the end. People on the site were soon donating other items to be bid on along with the original candle.

“You know there’s gift certificates for this, there’s dinners and there’s bottles of wine, my dad’s wine holder holding up a bottle of wine right there. People are offering me money through email, they’re dropping cash off at my doorstep. Apparently there’s go-cart racing certificates. Now apparently it’s up to $800, I haven’t even had a chance to look for awhile” he told CHEK News. 

“I was like holy crap, how could all this come from a tea light that I’ve been looking at for years, like I’m sure that it’s off of the fireplace” said his daughter Diamond Poje. 

Dave Poje says some of bidders even say if they don’t win they’ll donate their bid price anyway so all bids and cash donations were at over $1700.00 as of Tuesday afternoon while the value of the goods donated were at about $2000.

Time is running out. The auction ends at 7:15:59 Tuesday evening.

You can find the Facebook site here.


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