One woman’s pro-vaccine protests irritating anti-vaccine crowd

One woman's pro-vaccine protests irritating anti-vaccine crowd

A woman approaches Nell Saba, who is recording a video while standing on the sidewalk with her pro-vaccine sign, outside the BC Legislature.

“Go away, Satan, you are Satan. Vaccines are killing people, and killing people all over the world.”

“She’s calling me Satan. Yeah. But I just use her as my cheerleader. Makes her more angry, but it’s really easy.”

Saba is the focus of regular harassment from anti-vaccine protestors, simply by standing with her sign amid anti-vaccine demonstrations.

“I witnessed a protest, I was driving by the legislature and it made me really angry.”

She made her own pro-vaccine sign and decided to show up at every single anti-vaccine rally at the Legislature.

The anti-vaccine crowd made it clear, they don’t like her silent message.

“I had coffee thrown on me by someone who wanted to talk, and I just didn’t want to talk about, with him. Then throw coffee at me.  It was quite a surprise.”

When CHEK News decided to profile Saba and her pro-vaccine stance, the anti-vaccine protestors swarmed our camera.

“You are a shill buddy, look at the shill taking pictures of his own!” one anti-vaccine protestor yelled at us.

And they refused to leave us alone, or engage, instead, resorting to insults.

Then we walked with Saba to the grounds of the Legislature, in the hopes we could interview her in peace, but that didn’t happen.

Even with the help of staff from the BC Legislature’s Protective Services, the harassment continued.

Despite the harassment and death threats, Saba says she won’t stop.

“I don’t know why I’m not more scared. I know I should be. I do have a friend who wants me to stop going. I can understand, but I just can’t stop.”

The next anti-vaccine rally is scheduled for the legislature on Saturday at noon. Saba will be there, with her pro-vaccine sign.

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