Oak Bay’s giant nose sculpture is moving to America


WATCH: The nose of a new era is moving to America. Ceilidh Millar reports.

When Oak Bay received an art facelift last July, some community members were shocked to see the scenic surgery in Estevan Village.

“I just came along one day and there it was,” said one man CHEK News spoke with.

“I loved the mustache they put on it for Movember,” explained a young boy.

Facial hair or not, there was no hiding the giant nose sculpture in front of Lokier Gardens at the intersection of Musgrave Street and Estevan Avenue in Oak Bay.

The public art piece, titled The Nose Knows, was designed using recycled materials by Burnaby-artist Ron Simmer.

The sculpture was selected for Oak Bay’s ArtAlive 2017 series which features thirteen public art pieces on display throughout the district.

“It certainly has prompted a lot of discussions in our neighbourhood,” said Mayor of Oak Bay Nils Jensen.

“Nosy” doesn’t begin to describe the debate the work has whiffed up in the community over the last year.

“Some people hate it and others love it,” said Oak Bay Arts Laureate Barbara Adams, who helped select the piece.

“Regardless, it can’t be ignored.”

The sculpture will be shipped to Palm Springs for another art exhibition.

“I think art brings life to a community,” explained Adams. “People find out more about other people’s views. They become more of a community.”

With kleenex in tow, dozens gathered this afternoon to give the nose one final sendoff and sneeze.

“It was my favourite art piece in Oak Bay,” said one woman.



Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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