Oak Bay dad retrieves child’s stolen bike from Pandora Avenue

Oak Bay dad retrieves child’s stolen bike from Pandora Avenue
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A bike that was stolen from a local high school was returned without incident after the victim’s father spotted the bicycle on Pandora Avenue.

Oak Bay Police say that on April 15, a 15-year-old student at Oak Bay High reported that their $800 bicycle had been stolen after it was locked up outside the school.

Four days later, on April 19, the same student called police and said their father spotted the stolen bike along Pandora Avenue.

“The father politely asked for the bicycle back,” police said in a release Tuesday, and the bike was handed over without incident.

Police say the caller did not specify where along Pandora Avenue the bike was found, only that it was spotted beside a man near a tent. Police were able to confirm the bicycle was the one stolen earlier in the because of the serial number on it.

While the incident wrapped up peacefully, Oak Bay Police caution everyone to contact police “prior to taking criminal matters into their own hands.”

Oak Bay Police say the identity of the suspect is not known, and their investigation into the incident has now concluded.


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