No serious injuries in four-vehicle crash after car gets stuck under semi-truck: Saanich Police

No serious injuries in four-vehicle crash after car gets stuck under semi-truck: Saanich Police
Saanich Police were called to a four-vehicle collision at Douglas and Saanich roads on Oct. 7, 2022 after a vehicle ended up stuck under a semi-truck.

No one was seriously injured in a four-vehicle collision after a vehicle ended up stuck under a semi-truck near Uptown Centre.

The incident happened at the intersection of Douglas Street and Saanich Road and started when a driver, who thought she was in a turning lane, ended up in oncoming traffic, said Det. Sgt. Damian Kowalewich with Saanich Police.

“What happened was the driver thought that they were in a turning lane, and it turns out they weren’t. And essentially, what happened was that driver tried to merge back into the original lane because they wanted to avoid oncoming traffic,” Kowalewich said.

“That vehicle ended up tucking somehow underneath the semi-tractor trailer, and it was actually there was a period where the trailer was dragging the car.”

The vehicle under the semi-truck ended up hitting two other vehicles before the driver of the semi-truck noticed and came to a stop.

“So that’s a combination total of four vehicles involved in this crash,” Kowalewich said. “The vehicle that was underneath the semi-tractor trailer had significant damage, the other two vehicles had moderate damage, and the semi-tractor trailer has minimal damage. And if you can believe it, nobody went to hospital.”

BC Emergency Health Services tells CHEK News it sent one ground ambulance to the incident after the call was received at 12:24 p.m. The spokesperson confirmed that no one was brought to the hospital.

Kowalewich says the semi-truck had a trailer attached.

At this time, the traffic safety unit has not issued a ticket for the crash.

“The Traffic Safety Unit is still investigating the circumstances, to date no decision has been made on that,” Kowalewich said. “First priority call is always the health and wellness of everybody involved and clear the roadway. So, this is fairly fresh. So they’re gonna have to take a look at all the circumstances and see if it’s in the public interest to proceed with the violation ticket.”

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